Local Dealers

Shop Local Diamonds is 100% dependent on the quality of our vetted local partners. We only feature the best local retailers and work hard to cultivate strong relationships with each of these stores so that you can be guaranteed of the authenticity, quality, and beauty of every diamond you purchase via our site

These local dealers are experts in their fields and by participating with Shop Local Diamonds, they get the opportunity to reach their end user where they are: on the go, on their phone, or even running late for an anniversary… All you need to do is follow the simple three step process below and our trusted local retailers will supply the perfect match.


Search Our Diamonds

Enter your price range and location in the search box. A list of diamonds that meet your criteria will show up. You’ll be able to sort by quality, price, dealer location, and more!


Select Your Diamond

If it’s your first time diamond shopping, we’ll cover the 4C’s of diamond quality. All of our diamonds can be sorted by their various quality characteristics so you can find the perfect one for you!


Pick Up Your Diamond

Once you’ve found the perfect diamond, simply create an account to put it on hold. Then, with our app (or a printed certificate), visit your local dealer to get your diamond set perfectly. Now, enjoy your priceless treasure!