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Shop Local Diamonds is committed to building and cultivating relationships with esteemed diamond retailers across the nation. By being vetted and becoming one of our certified stores, you will be reaching an online community that expands your client reach dramatically. At the same time you’ll be introduced to local clients who may have missed you in the first place. You catch the interest that is born locally with your local listing, keeping clients local. Fill out the form below to register your interest and a member of our team will be in touch with you soon.

Reasons to Become A Certified Local Dealer:

  • Online Visibility

    Exponentially reach more people locally by showing up in our online search results.

  • Increase Sales

    Increase your sales without investing in expensive gimmicks.

  • Unique Branding

    Create brand recognition organically with a local following.

  • Clients Come to You

    The search engine does the work for you. So why not join? With Shop Local Diamonds, selling your product becomes easier.

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